Thursday, March 22, 2012

Are new airline policies targeted at Goths?

On a recent trip to Detroit, editor Pasclato got elected for a patdown, despite his minimal piercings and a pre-removed belt. The reason? Possession of liquid on his person. What liquid? Perspiration.

Yes, that's right, perspiration!

Apparently, the sensors of the newly updated liquid detection scan system (which already reminds many of us uncomfortably of the dystopian future presented in "Total Recall") are set so sensitively to any form of liquid that a southern heat wave is leading to nearly all dark clothed passengers receiving patdowns!

The message is clear. If you want to fly and you want to wear black, you better get yourself delivered to the airport in a refrigerated container truck! (And, of course, much like a weight watchers meeting, make sure you empty your bladder before you get in line, because who knows how deep they're looking for liquids!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thoughts on DirecTV's attacks on "Undesirable" Gothic people?

If you haven't been under a rock of late, then you've probably come across DirecTV's blatant attack ads that seem pretty targeted at Goths.  Labeling a young man who has all the accoutrements of many in our community as an "undesirable" is pretty appalling, but more so is the fact that we in the Gothic community are so splintered that the ad hasn't been pulled.  We're a safe target because, unlike most minorities, we won't protest en masse. 

Try to imagine DirecTV replaced the Goth with a black man, labeling him as "undesirable"?  The NAACP would proclaim DirecTV were racist Neo-Nazis and the public outcry would reach a fever pitch.  Likewise if it had been a lesbian, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force would have had someone's nether regions in a sling over the slight.

So, what do you think about it?  Let's talk about it here and be open and honest!  If it offends you, then bombard DirecTV's facebook and YouTube and Twitter pages and let them know about it.