Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Did the recent push from DGM help DirectTV axe their "Undesirable (Goth)" ad campaign?

While no apologies have been officially made by DirecTV, after DGM's recent encouragement to Goths to complain to DirecTV about their recent ad campaign which depicts Goths as "undesirable" delinquents, the ads seem to have vanished from the cable and broadcast channels. In their place are much more humorous spots that do not attempt to denigrate a culture!

Hopefully the responses from Goths around the country and the world to DirecTV's PR department will continue to encourage DirecTV and others who might want to berate Goths to refrain!

With that said, let us remember that, fair or not, the way we look is something that often confuses people in the outside culture. By choosing to show people how caring and intelligent we are through positive actions, we help stop stereotypes from being accepted and believed! This will only help us and assure us of having sympathetic allies in the future!