Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Shadowed Thoughts of Silas McBane: Episode 19

The State of the Union

                Utter chaos.  Absolute insanity.  Total foolishness and a complete lack of regard.  This is how I would describe the state of our country at this moment.  If it were many years ago and I was a child and you would have told me that this is the way our country would look when I was this age, I would have made a strong case for your need for therapy.  There’s no way I could have ever seen this coming.  The division, the strife, the apathy, the petty division; it all seems a means to a very, very ugly end.  Personally, I can’t stand it.  It’s driving me crazy.
                Here’s the important question, as we narrow the scope of this problem:  What is the goth community doing to improve the situation?  If you read my last blog, you’d know that I don’t think we’re doing a damned thing to improve the situation.  Here’s where I wax all dreamy and (most likely) non-sensical.  What if we lit the way to change?  What if we were the ones to set the example?  How about we set aside all the nonsense and rise above the bullshit (please pardon the crudeness) to actually be the example?  That would be amazing and inspiring!  But, sadly, we probably won’t.  We’ll just keep wearing weird clothes and pretending we live somewhere else. 
                The crux of the situation is this:  Somebody has to do something.  Wouldn’t it be cool if it were us?  I don’t know about you, but I do consider myself a bit of a patriot.  I love this country, even if we are a complete mess.  And I’m not pointing fingers.  The mess of this country goes back a very long time.  We just never fixed it along the way.  Oddly enough, we’ve all been searching for validity.  Well, here’s our chance.  If you can’t be part of the solution, please wear your weird clothes in another country.  There are far too many benchwarmers here already.  I’m headed to the frontlines.  Hope to see you there.


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