Friday, July 27, 2012

The Shadowed Thoughts of Silas McBane: Episode #15

Bringing It All Together

There’s been an awful lot to think about this week.  And by awful, I truly mean awful.  I have strong roots in the Denver, Colorado area.  I have tons of friends and some family out there.  The movie theatre shooting really impacted me personally.  Then, a day later, I got word from a close friend out on the west coast.  She told me how her father was brutally murdered by his girlfriend of eight years.  Then, a day later, I got word that a local buddy of mine passed away at a relatively young age from a heart attack and subsequent stroke.  Yep, there’s been an awful lot to think about this week. 
                Where do we go with things like this?  How do we effectively grasp the gravity of these events while still maintaining forward momentum in our daily lives?  I’m wrestling with that a little bit.  Normally, I like to think of myself as a well-balanced guy.  I typically take life’s blows and deal with them in stride.  Suffice to say, sometimes life hits a little hard and there’s just too damned much to think about.  That’s been this week for me. 
                Hey, don’t pity your old buddy Silas.  I don’t appreciate or covet sympathy.  I’ll figure all of this stuff out just like I do everything else that comes my way.  I’m a survivor.  Just like you.  And if you don’t believe you’re a survivor, please consider the fact that your lungs are drawing breath even as you read this and you still sleep on this side of the sod.  We’re survivors, you and me.  I’m proud of that.  I’m proud of you.  Hell, I probably don’t even know you and yet I’m compelled to hear your story. 
                So, let’s make a deal (in my mind I said that just like Monty Hall).  You be there for me, and I’ll be there for you.  True, we probably don’t know each other.  But send me some good vibes.  I give you my word, I’ll send them right back.  Let’s infuse our culture with love and strength and positive energy.  We can be not only different, but a difference.  I’m fortunate that I’ve had a couple kind souls be the difference for me this week.  Very fortunate.
                If you ever need, I’ll be a difference for you as well.  You can always find your old buddy Silas at  Peace and love to the beautifully dark community.  God knows there’s been enough bad lately.  Love you all.

-Silas McBane 

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